How To Use Treatment Financing To Grow Your Aesthetic Clinic

October 7, 2023

The cost of Aesthetic Skincare Treatments can be cost-prohibitive for many potential clients deterring them from making an appointment and restricting revenue growth for your clinic. By offering finance for treatments, you can attract new clients who may not have been able to afford your services otherwise. Enabling clients to pay for your services in instalments using client treatment finance, rather than one upfront payment, can make your services more affordable and accessible. In addition, if your clients can spread the cost of treatment over time they are more likely to book more frequent visits and increase their average spend.  Importantly offering treatment finance in your aesthetic clinic will create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of Treatment Financing for Your Aesthetic Skincare

It is important to recognise that the business model for Aesthetic Skincare is different from a conventional beauty salon. There is usually a much higher upfront cost required to purchase expensive machines and the skincare products used in high-end skin care treatments. This is ultimately reflected in the price that you have to charge your clients. To get the ROI on these machines means that they cannot be idle which requires that you need to generate a constant stream of clients. 

Offering treatment financing is a win-win for you and your clients and can be a game-changer for your aesthetics clinic. Not only does it provide your clients with the opportunity to pay for treatments over time, but it can also benefit your business in several other ways. 

1. Increased Revenue: By offering treatment finance options, aesthetic clinics can make their services more accessible to a wider range of clients. Many individuals want or need cosmetic treatments but cannot afford the upfront costs. Treatment finance allows them to break down the cost into affordable monthly payments.

2. Attract New Clients: Treatment finance can attract new clients who may have been initially hesitant to seek cosmetic treatments due to financial constraints. By providing flexible payment options, aesthetic clinics can tap into a previously untapped market segment and expand their client base.

3. Increase Average Client Spend: When clients have the option to finance their treatments, they are more likely to accept higher-priced procedures or opt for additional services. By breaking down the cost into manageable payments, clients feel more comfortable investing in comprehensive treatment plans, leading to increased revenue for your clinic.

4. Improved Cash Flow: Offering treatments via a subscription finance program can help improve the cash flow of an aesthetic clinic. Instead of relying solely on upfront payments, clinics can receive regular monthly payments from clients who choose this financing option. This steady stream of revenue makes it easier for you to make investment decisions in new technologies or treatments to grow your clinic.

5. Generate Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business: Treatment finance options build customer loyalty by fostering long-term relationships with clients. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for future treatments and recommend the clinic to friends and family, leading to increased repeat business and referrals.

6. Create A Competitive Advantage: In a competitive market, offering treatment finance can give your aesthetic clinic a competitive edge. Many clinics do not provide financing options, so by offering this service, your clinic will stand out. This unique selling point can attract clients who are actively seeking providers that offer flexible payment solutions.

Types Of Aesthetic Skincare Treatment Financing

Subscription Model

A subscription payment model in aesthetic skincare clinics involves clients paying a recurring fee to access a range of services and benefits offered by the clinic. These subscriptions can be customised to individual needs and may include monthly skincare treatments, discounts on products, exclusive event access, or personalised skincare consultations. Clients commit to the subscription for a specific period, typically on a monthly basis, and receive ongoing benefits throughout their subscription duration. This model provides clinics with a consistent revenue stream, while clients enjoy regular and affordable access to treatments ultimately fostering loyalty and engagement. Many of the booking systems available for Beauty Salons and Aesthetic Clinics come with the necessary capability to set up and manage subscription payment arrangements with your clients. 

Third-Party Retail Finance or Treatment Finance

Humm Treatment Finance for Aesthetic Clinics

Treatment finance is a partnership between your clinic and a financial institution or specialist medical financing company. Clients can apply for financing, usually via a URL link on your website, and once approved, you are notified, and they can proceed with their treatments. Their agreement is with the financier, not you, and is essentially a short-term loan in which they will make a series of payments. The clinic is paid in full immediately by the financing company after the treatment has been delivered. This financing arrangement allows clients to break down the cost of their desired treatments into manageable monthly payments which makes your aesthetic skincare services accessible to a much wider pool of potential clients. Take a look at Humm

How to Make Sure Your Client's Know about your finance options

It is essential that you communicate to potential new clients and existing clients that you have financing options available otherwise you will not be able to leverage this benefit and differentiate your clinic. Make sure that your finance options are prominently displayed on your website and on all social media posts. Include testimonials from clients that have used your financing services and ensure that your staff are fully trained on how to explain this payment alternative. Ensure you have pamphlets, brochures and posters strategically placed in your clinic. 


Offering Treatment financing to your clients is a powerful tool for aesthetic skincare clinics to grow their business and attract new business. By offering flexible payment options, you will make your clinic's services more affordable and accessible to a much wider client base. Client Treatment finance not only increases revenue and cash flow for your clinic but also generates customer loyalty and repeat business. It will differentiate your business clearly setting your clinic apart from competitors who do not provide treatment financing options. 

By effectively marketing and communicating the benefits of treatment financing, you can reach a wider audience and ultimately achieve business growth and success.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does treatment financing benefit my aesthetic skincare clinic?

Treatment financing will benefit your aesthetic clinic by making your services more accessible, affordable, and appealing to a wider range of clients which will increase your revenue, boost average client spend, improving cash flow, generating customer loyalty, and give your clinic a competitive advantage.

2. What types of treatment financing are available for aesthetic skincare clinics?

There are two common types of treatment financing: subscription models and third-party retail finance. Subscription models involve clients paying a recurring fee for access to a range of services and benefits. Third-party retail finance or treatment finance involves partnering with financial institutions or medical financing companies to offer your clients short-term loans or payment plans for their treatments.

3. How can I ensure that my clients know about my financing options?

To ensure your clients are aware of your financing options, prominently display them on your website and social media posts. Include testimonials from clients who have utilised your financing services. Train your staff to explain the payment alternatives effectively and incorporate discussions about financing options during consultations.

4. Can I customise financing options based on individual client needs?

Yes, clinics can customise financing options based on individual client needs. Different clients may require different payment plans or options to suit their financial situation. By offering personalised financing solutions, you can enhance the client experience and build trust.

5. How can treatment financing help clinics utilise expensive machines and skin care products effectively?

Treatment financing allows clinics to utilise expensive machines and skin care products effectively by making them more accessible to clients. When clients can finance their treatments, they are more likely to proceed with comprehensive treatment plans, increasing the utilisation of these costly resources and maximising return on investment.

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