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Specialist providers to the aesthetic industry. Budgets to suit everyone from the solo Aesthetic Nurse start up to a small or medium clinic.

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Why have a website for your Aesthetics business?

To take advantage of the growing market in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and to be able to offer a comprehensive range of treatments in your clinic with which to attract new clients requires a significant investment in the purchase of equipment, facilities and training. It is crucial that you now get a return on your investment by ensuring that your business has an aesthetic clinic website designed especially to attract and retain the right type of client and serve as the go-to destination for information and for your Aesthetic Clinic Social Media Marketing initiatives.

At Salon Solutions, we understand that the best websites for Aesthetic Clinics need to be different from the more traditional hair & beauty salons. We provide a powerful combination of online solutions designed for small to medium-sized Aesthetic Clinics and skin specialist salons to address all the needs of your business, bringing together your website, booking system, mobile app and social marketing requirements to ensure that they all work together to help you manage your business, improve your customer service and support your marketing efforts. 

Unlike working with other web design companies we specialise in the Salon & Clinic Industry which means that by using our experience and industry contacts we do it all for you, with no hassle, quickly and for an affordable price. Call us now or book a call for a no-strings conversation about how we can help you.

Grant Packages - Help to get a 50% Refund

Did you know the government will refund 50% of the cost of your new websites, online shop or mobile app up to €2,500 subject to your successful application and that you can make two applications for this grant? Salon Solution has successfully guided many businesses through this process and can help you. Book a chat to find out how Lisa can help you.

Websites for Aesthetic Clinics

Websites for Aesthetic Clinics

Everything you need to showcase your services and enable online booking.

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Your Clinic Website

Your Clinic’s website is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.  It will serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts and provides a gateway into other essential technologies that you need to be able to deliver a high level of client service.  It is essential that your website differentiates your clinic from mainstream beauty salons by emphasising to potential clients the specialist treatments you provide, the skills and qualifications you have to be able to deliver them safely and the outcomes you can achieve, supported with client testimonials who are satisfied by the results. 

Other Key functions Of your Clinic Website

Search Engine Optimization

Aesthetic clinics need to attract clients from a much wider area than the average beauty salon. This means your website and your listing on “Google  Business” now “Google Maps” will play a vital role in enabling the optimisation of  “Local search” so you and your clinic's treatments are easily found via search engines when new clients are looking for them. 


A key component of your website is how your treatments are represented. Salon Solutions will create a series of image-rich detailed treatment pages describing each procedure, what special skills and equipment are used, how the treatment is performed, and the outcomes that can be achieved. These are especially important for high-value services to ensure the client understands the value being offered and that you appear in search results for these services. 

webpage example of aesthetic clinic website

Specialist Booking & Patient Management Sytem

Salon Solutions recommend AesthetiDocs a specialised booking System and patient management system for Aesthetics Clinics.

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Specialist Booking Systems to run your whole clinic

Your booking system is an important management tool. Besides providing convenience to your clients to be able to book appointments for treatments when it suits them even when your clinic is closed it also means that you can focus on more important things than answering the phone. This is particularly important for small clinics.  Aesthetic Treatments can be expensive so ensuring your chosen system can accept a deposit and impose your cancellation and no-show policy is critical. 

Aesthetidocs specialist booking and patient management software aesthetic clinics

Salon Solutions recommend AesthetiDocs a specialised booking System and patient management system for Aesthetics Clinics.  This software enables you to run your whole clinic and even issue prescriptions.  This can be added to your website and mobile app offering maximum service to your clients.  Take a look at the full benefits it can offer your clients and Aesthetic Business here. 

Mobile Apps for Aesthetic Clinics

All the top clinics also have a mobile app because they know that a website on its own is not enough as more and more people expect to do everything on their phones. By connecting to links on your website, our clinic app will allow you to leverage these investments  by directly connecting your clients to your clinic booking system or enable them to make product purchases from your online shop .

Mobile apps for Aesthetic Clinics and aesthetic nurses

Online Shop for Aesthetic Clinic aftercare products

Salon Solutions understand that many of the products used in the treatment of your clients are of pharmaceutical grade and cannot be sold to the public unless they have been recommended by a suitably qualified skin professional and only after a consultation. Our online shops for Aesthetics clinics can prevent people from buying products from your online shop unless they are authorised by you to do so. We can customise your online shop to ensure that clients must complete a login process before they can complete a purchase of designated items. This allows you to safely market your products alongside your treatments and maximise your revenue. 

We deliver our online shops to you ready to go, pre-stocked with the brands you sell. We provide all the product images, descriptions and prices.  This requires no work for you. You will be able to add, remove, update products, create discount codes and run promotions easily from your phone, using an Admin app. Form more information read our blog “10 Reasons why your salon needs an online shop”

Online shop for Aesthetic Clinics aftercare

"For any aesthetic nurses or professionals looking to set up their first Clinic website I would highly recommend Lisa to work with - very patient and understanding - Salon Solutions is great value and made it all so easy for me!"

“Now Clients can use the website to book online using the specialist Aesthetidocs booking platform and read all about my dermal filler treatments, injectable skinboosters and facial rejuvenation treatments.”

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